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I need some help with finding a good program to slow down my PC, since my old games (Final Fantasy VII, Deus Ex, etc. Jul 5, 2017 · mount c c:\games\.
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  • May 13, 2013 · And they are not old games - I'm talking about Bioshock Infinite, FIFA 13, Hitman Absolution,.
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    My games are running fast - perhaps too fast - which make many games practically unplayable for me.

  • May 19, 2023 · By Michael Cripe May 19, 2023.
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    This has been tested on Suikoden 1.

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    i am trying to run VOS (Virtual Orchestra Studios) on my Desktop which is fairly old and the game run fast as in like not in the fps as in like everything seems fast forward, the one more thing is that the colour pallet seems screwed up and have tried.

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  • XP has this built-in when you right-click on a shortcut and go to.
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    It can be tricky to gauge the length of strategy games.

  • This, older games have their physics (game speed, how fast things happen in game, etc) tied to your framerate.
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    Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.

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